Josh Hernandez

Josh serves as the Director of field operations of Knights Collision Experts Inc.  He personally oversees all the towing activities of Knights Collision Experts Inc.  A very strong supervisor, Josh is a proven supervisor of our reliable professional tow operators, 24 hours seven days a week.  He also is relied upon for staffing all staff members.

Having grown up in the towing business, Josh is passionate about what he does and is fully aware of the responsibilities that come along with the position he fills.  What makes Josh effective is the years of experience this man possesses.  He has come up the ranks from a tow operator, to patrol supervisor, to night manager, Josh has always exceeded the expectations that our company has placed on him.

Joseph K. Robles, Adam M. Robles and Josh Hernandez work hand in hand day and night, Josh has been operating as a field supervisor since the early 1990’s.  Together they cover all the bases of a 24-hour business that always ready to respond to their clients towing, storage and repair needs at a moment’s notice.

We are both proud and fortunate to have such an individual serving in the capacity that he does.  A long list of satisfied clients is a direct result of the tireless efforts to constantly improve the services we provide to them.

Brooklyn Office

2000 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11233
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Maintenance & Repairs

27 Conway Street
Brooklyn, NY 11207
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