Joseph K. Robles

Joseph is the current President of Knights Collision Experts Inc.  He performs the analytical, research and development functions of Knights Collision Experts Inc.  He has proven himself capable of building a successful team that operates a 24-hour towing, storage and repair business with sustainable and predictable results.  Experienced in overseeing towing operations since 1985, there are very few if any operators who have his decades of experience.

There are no known towing training courses or testing levels that Joseph has not attended or acquired.  He has attended every level off Wreckmaster Training, passed every level of TRAA Certifications which includes being a Nationally Certified Heavy Duty Operator (one of under 20 in the State of New York).  He has also attended the Miller Industries Continuing Education Course for Rotator Heavy Duty Recovery Training in 2010.  His dedication to training and professional improvement carry over to the company he has help build over its long history.  The company’s success and growth are evidence of how his efforts have produced one of the very best towing operations in the City of New York.

In more recent years Joseph has focused on building the entire team at Knights to be able to continue being the best solution for their clients towing storage and repair needs.  It has been his intention to recruit, train and collaborate with key staff so the business has longevity as the decades go on.  He recently promoted Adam Robles and Josh Hernandez as partners in the business so the business can continue to move forward and grow as it has over three generations of the Robles family tree.

Brooklyn Office

2000 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11233
ph: (718) 963-4440
fx: (718) 782-0588

Maintenance & Repairs

27 Conway Street
Brooklyn, NY 11207
ph: (718) 574-9340