Adam M. Robles

Adam serves as the Vice President of Knights Collision Experts Inc.  He personally oversees all towing day to day functions of Knights Collision Experts Inc.  Adam manages a 24-hour towing business with reliable professional tow operators.  He also is responsible for staffing all office staff and dispatch shifts.

Being born into the towing business, Adam grew up in this business and has matured over the years learning the business from his brother Joseph which has uniquely prepared him for the position he now fills.  This young man possesses many years of experience.  He has come up the ranks from a dispatcher to night shift supervisor, to General Manager and made a partner in the business now serving as Vice President of the Corporation.

Joseph K. Robles and Adam M. Robles have grown and managed the business together for over a decade.  Step by step, Adam has accepted upper management responsibilities of the company and he has shown great capacity while taking on those facets of management.  Adam has been made responsible for all of the day-to-day business functions while Joseph is always engaged to advise and guide him with the complex decisions that present themselves in such a dynamic 24-hour towing, storage and repair business.  We are proud of the progress Adam has made and his contribution to our performance record which is a direct result of his tireless efforts to constantly improve the services we provide to the list of motorists, private and governmental agencies that rely of us day and night.

Brooklyn Office

2000 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11233
ph: (718) 963-4440
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Maintenance & Repairs

27 Conway Street
Brooklyn, NY 11207
ph: (718) 574-9340